Big update

Hi all! We want to tell you some new stuff we are working on.

  • We change the style of the interfaces, now the different puzzles have a better appearance and bring more feeling about our interface system.
  • We are including new stuff in the room, adding some special features to bring a better experience during the game. The facility room now is more interesting and bring us more options to add some information and lore narrative elements.
  • We have implemented more puzzles to learn and enjoy during the game.
  • Some new mechanics to expand the gameplay of Clarisse.
  • Mr. Cat is being alive, he is a sweet and adorable cat.
  • Now, we have finished the different news and lore information about the world outside the room.
  • We have created more content and different ways of conversation through the mails, and we are adjusting the narrative according to our story.
  • We are improving the computer of Dr. Mat, giving more stuff and lore experiences.
  • Definitively, we are including more and secret stuff we hope you enjoy when we release the game.

We update some images, to show a part of these changes. We hope you enjoy our developing process and feel free to give us feedback about this new changes.

Thanks to all again for the support, we are working hard to make it real.