New announcement of F@ckBears

Few days ago we announced that The Fuckbears would be part of our soundtrack. The members of the band have travelled to Spain to meet up with «Microtono» and started to work in some new and super cool stuff.

However after a kind of heated argument regarding some important details in the music studio, the main singer has been fired.

Honestly, we loved him, he’s a great person and has always tried to do his best, putting up all his poetry skills…but the truth is…he was not such a good singer…he was horrible, in fact.

Today we want to show you the Fuckbears’ new summer hit and at the same time we would like to introduce you to the new member of the band. He’s Bätto and he’s got definitely some singing skills, like for real. The Fuckbears are snowballing like, crazy…an avalanche is coming.

Some of our Spanish friends have already started to record a videoclip performance for the song, and you can it check out  here:

The band wanted to share a few words too:

Hey, you!!
Thanks for giving us the opportunity to profane your brains and help you to evolve into a better human.
Our summer hit is like rocket launcher straight to your hearth…so you better enjoy it.

We’re still doing our stuff and fighting against humanity’s worse sins.
So, nice summer to all of you fans of  The F@ckbears and please, just Leave the game M@ddaFuKrs!!»
We’re working hard to make it real! so, we also wish you a nice summer y’all!