We are glad to announce that Clarisse won the Best Narrative Award at Valencia Indie Summit the last 2 March of 2018. A lot of people visited our stand and played the updated demo of the game, that will be online on GameJolt in the next days. We love all the feedback the visitors gave tu us and we would appreciate that if you couldn’t attend the event, maybe you could try the new demo versión and

New announcement of F@ckBears

Posted by Juanjo Hernandez on  14 julio, 2017

Category: Blog, Clarisse, Sound
Few days ago we announced that The Fuckbears would be part of our soundtrack. The members of the band have travelled to Spain to meet up with «Microtono» and started to work in some new and super cool stuff. However after a kind of heated argument regarding some important details in the music studio, the main singer has been fired. Honestly, we loved him, he’s a great person and has always tried to do his

Sound Update – F@ckBears

Posted by Juanjo Hernandez on  27 junio, 2017

Category: Blog, Clarisse, Sound
We are very happy to announce that one of the best punk-retro music bands of these days will be part of Clarisse soundtrack. We asked them permission to publish a song, but they never recorded a simple tape… Fortunately, one of his most fanatical fans has sent us this live recording. We are proud to be able to give voice to this group so concerned with nature. Enjoy 🙂   Twittear

Big update

Posted by Marc Diago on  18 junio, 2017

Category: Blog, Clarisse
Hi all! We want to tell you some new stuff we are working on. We change the style of the interfaces, now the different puzzles have a better appearance and bring more feeling about our interface system. We are including new stuff in the room, adding some special features to bring a better experience during the game. The facility room now is more interesting and bring us more options to add some information and lore

Code automatic text writter for Unity UI

Posted by Álvaro López on  22 abril, 2017

Category: Blog, Clarisse, Code
This is a general version of the code used on Clarisse to write text giving the impresion that you are typing. We use a Text object (UI) at the scene as output for the string and a coroutine call to write characters every «velocity» seconds, depending of that variable. Result:   http://www.nothumangames.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Clarisse-23_03_2017-11_48_09.mp4   Code:   using UnityEngine; using UnityEngine.UI; using System.Collections; public class TextWriter : MonoBehaviour { public Text Interface; //We are using Unity UI